Taught Courses in Sport

Oriam is proud to collaborate with the School of Social Sciences at HWU to provide two unique postgraduate taught courses in the area of management and leadership in sport.  The course will provide students a unique insight into what it takes to be a successful leader in sport whilst managing the performance of athletes, members of the support staff and operational team toward a shared goal.  The course makes use of the world leading research at HWU and world class facilities at Oriam to ensure the learning experience is guided by evidence informed practise.

Offering unparalleled industry insights and strategic business and leadership expertise, this degree will equip you with the business, leadership and performance management skills to promote optimal performance at the highest level of sport and business.


Management and Leadership in Sports Performance, MSc

Offering performance management expertise and unparalleled insights into Scotland’s Sports Performance centre, this degree equips you with skills to successfully lead a team of coaches and specialist practitioners at the pinnacle of sports performance.