3 Winter Training Tips

Winter Training Tips

As the nights start to get darker, the weather wetter (is that even possible?) and the motivation to exercise decreases we’ve got some great tips to keep you in shape through the Winter.

1. Exercise Early

Whilst not for everyone, an early morning workout is a great way to start the day and get the endorphins and blood pumping round your body. Putting you in a better mood your brain will function with greater clarity allowing you to be more productive during the day. With our gym being open from 6.30am and classes available from 7.15am most days, there’s no excuse not to try an early morning workout. Take a look at our timetable now by clicking here.

2. Try Something Different

Developing a good fitness routine can help you maintain focus, commit to your workouts and make good progress towards your goals, however it can often lead to boredom and lack of progression as we don’t often push ourselves hard enough. So why not shake up your routine and try something different? With over 70 classes available on our weekly timetable dare you have a go at Grit Mix or PIYO? Or something less intense like Yin Yoga or Pilates?
And with our new Technogym equipment recently installed in our gym we guarantee there’s kit that you haven’t seen before. Intrigues by what a Skill Mill Treadmill is? Then come and take a look for yourself and book a visit here.

3. Refuel Your Body

Are you watching what you eat after your workouts? Its all-to-easy to snack after a class or gym session thinking “I deserve this” but you’ll just be undoing all the hard work you’ve just put in. If you do feel hungry after a workout then head up to our Bistro where there’s a selection of healthy, tasty options – maybe even some hot broth to get you through a cold day. If you’re interested in learning more about nutrition, calorie counting or healthy recipe ideas then speak to the fitness team who will gladly share their expertise with you.
So don’t let the winter blues kick in and stop you achieving your fitness goals. We are here to help you see results and stay in shape throughout the darker nights – just ask us any questions you may have on your next visit.

If you’re not yet a member at Oriam but thinking of joining, then check out our current membership offer and claim a free welcome pack worth £50.

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