sportscotland recently published a research report that found sports participation programmes are having a life-changing effect on those who are taking part.

The independent research, published by sportscotland in the weeks after it was confirmed participation levels on national programmes in Scotland are at record high, praised several programmes including Active Schools for making children and young people feel healthier (98 per cent) and more confident (92 per cent).

Welcoming the findings, sportscotland chief executive Stewart Harris said: “In recent years we have seen a significant increase in sports participation thanks to national programmes across the country including Active Schools and our support for local clubs and community sport hubs. Our work in these areas is changing lives, as can be seen from the findings of this research.

Minister for Public Health and Sport, Aileen Campbell, added: “The success of Scotland’s athletes at the Commonwealth Games coupled with the findings of this research provides clear evidence that Scottish sport is growing in strength and depth, with sportscotland and Scottish Governing Bodies developing talent and creating opportunities at all levels.

“Through this sustained investment and commitment in our whole sporting system we enable people of all ages and backgrounds to regularly take part in sport across Scotland from grassroots through to performance level.”

Visit the sportscotland website to read the full article…

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