We are hosting an Early Cancer Detection session at the University on Tuesday 19th February. This is still a subject that some people are uncomfortable with. We would love to try and normalise it by having a well-known local athlete make an appearance at one of the workshops throughout the day and say a few words about the importance of being fit and healthy to help prevent cancer.

“How Far Would You Go?”
How far would you go to reduce your risk of cancer? Would you walk a little further, would you drink or smoke a little less? By doing these things you are reducing your risk of cancer. Knowledge is key and if you knew a little bit more about prevention and early detection of cancer you could be helping to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Come along to the fabulous myth bursting workshops with the NHS Lothian Early Cancer detection team to get all the up to date info to keep your boobs and balls in the best of health along with your skin, cervix, bowels and few other bits in between.

Date: Tuesday 19th February
When: 12.30
Where: Oriam