With constant advancements in the Health and Fitness industry, we as a facility want to ensure we have the best to offer to our members. After 3 years of operation, we believe it is the right time to update our fitness suite in order to improve our members’ journey.

What will the main changes be?

All of our current equipment will be removed and replaced with like for like equipment. The main changes, however, will be the improvement in space and the advancement in technology.


Will the fitness suite be closed?

In order to complete a full extraction and install this means that due to health and safety we will have to close the fitness suite. The fitness suite will close at 10pm on Sunday 28th July and re-open at latest on Friday 9th August. We anticipate that we may be able to re-open 1 or 2 days earlier but will deliver live updates on our social media pages during this week.

What alternatives are available to gym members during the closure period?

Our group exercise timetable will still be running as usual (with the exception of Spin/Cycle classes). We also plan on creating a small space within our dining area in the Sport Centre (above the studios) where members will have the chance to work out with the use of some limited equipment such as; dumbbells, weight plates/bars, 1 or 2 spin bikes, 1 or 2 rowers, skipping ropes, kettlebells and some floor space for body weight exercises.

Will the studio classes still be running?

Yes. Almost all of our studio classes will still be running per the scheduled timetable. Our Spin/Cycle/RPM classes will not be running during the above dates as within our refurbishment we plan to upgrade all of our Spin bikes as well.

Will there be new equipment?

All of our current equipment will be replaced with brand new, made to order, equipment. This will include new pieces of equipment that we currently do not have on the floor. For more information on specific equipment, please email our Fitness Supervisor Mandy on M.Stott@hw.ac.uk

Functional Training

Will there be new fitness suite classes?

Yes. With new equipment comes new experiences for our members to enjoy. Keep up to date with our social media pages to catch sneak peaks of what is to come.

Will there be an impact on members?

The first impact our refurbishment will have on our members will be the closure of the fitness suite. We appreciate this is not ideal but hope that the fitness suite that follows will be worth those few days. The main impact of the new fitness suite will not only be brand new equipment but the way in which the technology of this equipment will benefit our members’ training and journey.

How can I keep up to date on progress?

There are three main ways to keep up to date with our progress:

-Keep up to date with our social media pages.

-Speak to a member of staff within the facility.

-Email our fitness supervisor M.Stott@hw.ac.uk

Will there be a change to my membership type with the new gym?

No. There will be no change to your membership type because of our refurbishment.

Skill Zone

What will happen if the installation of the new equipment is delayed?

We have planned everything precisely to ensure this does not happen. If for any reason it does, we will keep our members up to date and still run our alternative options until the grand opening.

Do we need to get another induction?

Inductions are not mandatory but we would absolutely recommend having a new induction after the refurbishment. There is a lot of new equipment, new technology and new information that our fitness coaches are excited to show you and tell you about.

Will I still be able to watch Netflix?

Yes. Netflix will be installed in our cardiovascular equipment and will be easier to access than on our current equipment.

Will you still have the battle rope?

Do not panic, we will still have all of our fun toys to play with. Including our battle rope.

What will the weights range be?

The weights range will vary. We will still offer what we currently have with an addition of some other increment weights.

For any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our fitness supervisor Mandy on M.Stott@hw.ac.uk who would be more than happy to answer any further questions.


The Fitness Team