In follow up to the refurbishment, today we have started work at the main entrance to the gym. This work is for the installation of turnstiles access into our newly refurbished fitness suite.

We believe with the introduction of turnstiles our user experience will be enhanced and it also allows us to fully integrate the member journey with the newly installed TechnoGym technology that we now have within the fitness suite. The introduction of gated entry into the gym will bring us in-line with the majority of other facilities across Edinburgh.

The Installation of turnstiles will be complete by Wednesday 28th August. During the install we have a diversion in place that allows users to enter the gym via the fire exit from the walled garden. The fitness suite opening hours will remain the same and no areas within the fitness suite floor will be effected.

The introduction of turnstile access into the gym will allow Oriam to:

-Better manage member access into the fitness suite

-Monitor busy times within the fitness suite and improve the member experience around these times.

-Restrict non-member access into the fitness suite

We will keep you all updated on the progress of the installation. Members will use the same membership card to access the gym via the turnstiles and our fitness team will be on hand to support members to use the new turnstiles once these are operational.

 If you have any questions in regards to the installation of turnstiles please contact


Oriam Team