Tennis Classes, like many sports activities, are a great way to keep the kids busy outside of school, get them moving and trying new skills. There are also many long-term health and wellbeing benefits for kids attending regular sports activities like tennis classes. We asked our Tennis Coaches for their top four benefits of Mini & Junior Tennis Classes for children.

Balance and Co-ordination

Foreground. Boy on righthand side of image looking up as he balances a racket full of tennis balls on his head. Background red clay tennis court with green hedges.

The skills and movement involved in racquet sports, like tennis, encourages children to develop their natural balance, quick reaction times, hand-eye co-ordination, and gross motor skills. These skills not only support their future tennis performance but also aid daily life as they grow, so they can move with confidence and can adapt to the space around them.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Blue indoor tennis court with blue curtain backdrop. Four people on court, celebrating end of tennis match, left side of net adult male and junior female. Right side of net adult female and junior male. all players facing each other giving high fives, representing good sportsmanship

Tennis is often a solo sport however, it is also a very sociable sport to learn! Our tennis classes encourage teamwork, communication and good sportsmanship, through group activities and fun matches. As the children move through the levels, they will be introduced to match play, learning how to score their own matches with fairness, and a friendly introduction to competition. These are all skills that can set them up for success, both in their sport and in daily life. The classes create a welcoming, supportive, and low-pressure environment for them to learn and develop their skills for on and off-court. 

Critical thinking and forward planning

Aerial View of Blue Tennis Court with white lines and green surround. White arrows point diagonally across the court to represent game strategy.

Our classes and coaches encourage players to take responsibility for their own equipment and their own actions. Class participants are encouraged to help with tidying up at the end of their session. Coaches will also discuss preparation skills like what to pack in your kit bag or what to do before a competition. As players progress through the levels, they will also begin to learn game strategies and situational awareness in relation to tennis match-play. Again, all these skills are essential for any successful tennis player but also off-court in daily life.

Strong body and strong mind

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Did you know that people who are introduced to regular sport activities as a young child are more likely to take part in sport and exercise as an adult? Regular tennis sessions can help build both physical and mental resilience, developing strong bodies and strong minds to support players through their adult life.

Regular sport at any age is known to improve mood and focus, reduce the risk of several health conditions and enable them to enjoy life to its full potential. Sports like tennis are also a fantastic way to manage stress levels at any age. Light competition can also help them develop a calmer and more focussed approach to higher pressure situations in life. Starting these good habits and positive associations as a child will encourage them to continue them through to adulthood.

You can find out more about the LTA class structure that our programme follows and the benefits of sport for children here. Our Tennis and Sports Programmes are growing, with more classes and opportunities for our local community. If you are interested in joining a class please head to our website for further details, availability, and bookings.

If you have any questions specific to the Tennis Programme, please contact our Tennis team at

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