There are many factors that go into finding the right tennis coach or programme for you and your family. The coaches play a massive part in this decision process, so before you get started why not meet our coaches and find out a bit more about them? We will be adding more content and introducing new instructors over the coming weeks so check back in regularly for more updates. 


Jack George-Burnell, Tennis Lead Coach. Image of Jack with Oriam logo, name and title.

Meet Jack George-Burnell, our Tennis Lead Coach that joined us over the summer.
We asked Jack a few questions to get to know him better, here's what he said.

What did you do before joining Oriam?

I was a Tennis Manager for a tennis coaching provider at Wimbledon Park where I
- Created content for the programme  
- Created player reports 
- Allocated players to appropriate groups 
- Liaised with parents
- Reported on programme KPIs

Describe your current role in one sentence

Lead Tennis Coach, delivering a variety of tennis activity to develop an exciting programme at Oriam

What is the highlight of your professional career?

I was a travelling coach to former world number one and Olympic gold medallist Gordon Reid for an event in Rotterdam in 2019. 

What is your favourite thing about Oriam?

Working with the most passionate and professional team to deliver world class activity in a world class facility. From my experience, finding such an environment is rare and goes to show the determined and ambitious nature of the team.  

How do you spend your wellbeing time?

I spend my hour of wellbeing time in the gym when I can. Outside of Oriam I enjoy long distance cycling (I cycled 750 miles in 5 days across France!) and recently started competing in Padel tennis. The goal is to be ranked in the top 100 in the UK by the end of next year!

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