Over the weekend we opened our doors to our newly refurbished fitness suite. After a period of 11 days closed, we were super excited to welcome back our members and show off the new fitness suite and equipment.

Newly installed Technogym equipment has replaced Life Fitness equipment, the fitness suite area has been revised to allow for more space and a new improved rig with Outracer lines installed.

Fitness team working out on the new Rig

As part of the installation the ‘my wellness’ app was introduced, along with ‘Tanita’, equipment designed to measure body compositions. This includes weight, body fat mass, muscle mass and many more components to help give an overview of body compositions.

Fitness suite during refurbishment

Our Health and Fitness supervisor Mandy Stott was instrumental in the installation of the new fitness suite and had this to say

“Myself and the rest of my fitness team are extremely happy with the outcome of the new fitness suite. We are all looking forward to delivering inductions on the new equipment and app to our users. We would also like to thank all our members for their patience during this period and we hope the new fitness suite was worth the wait”.

Below are a few of the FAQ’s we have received since opening the new fitness suite:

Why are there less squat racks in the new fitness suite?

We are currently working on phase 2 in our free weights three area, once this area is complete there will be additional squat racks available.

Why have we reduced the number of adjustable pulley machines?

We have increased the number of fixed weight equipment that allows for similar movements and exercises as the pulley machines.

Has all the equipment been installed?

No, we are still waiting on the delivery of 2 additional pieces of equipment. A dual abductor/adductor, as well as a dual pec-dec and reverse fly machine.

Do I need to download the ‘my wellness’ app to use the equipment?

No. However there are a number of benefits of the app, including digital programming and ‘How To Videos’.

Do I need the ‘my wellness app’ in order to measure my body compositions?

No, a member of our fitness team can set you up manually within the gym. However doing it this way, your results are unable to be saved.

The fitness suite is now fully functional and back to normal opening hours, we look forward to seeing you all soon, if there is any feedback you would like to share with us please speak to a member of our fitness team or email hello@oriam.hw.ac.uk