Fill Your Summer With Sport

Looking to get active and moving this summer? Discover a world of sport and fitness at Oriam

Discover A World of Sport at Oriam

Summer 2024 is packed full of exciting and fast-paced sporting activity. From some of tennis' biggest and best grand slams to the Euro's and the Olympic Games there's something for everyone to get excited about. We can't wait to see the stories and heroics that play out this summer with some of the world's best athletes and sports players in action.

 Looking to get involved and get active? We have a fantastic range of world-class sports facilities for you to train, play and experience a summer of sport. From tennis and badminton to basketball and football, there's no need to be a member, simply book your spot and play. Experience world-class facilities on your doorstep and fill your summer with sport at Oriam.   

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Fill Your Summer with Sport at Oriam

Pay As You Play Sport

Looking to have fun and get active this summer? Try Pay As You Play sports at Oriam. With a range of exciting activities to choose from including tennis, basketball, badminton and football, there's a world of sport to discover on your doorstep. Fill your summer with sport at Oriam.

(Members benefit from 20% off all PAYP sport, exclud. football and futsal)

Fill Your Summer with Sport - Tennis

Play Tennis at Oriam

From the French Open and Wimbledon to the Olympic Games, this summer is set to be packed full of amazing tennis activity. Caught the tennis bug? Our brand new six-court tennis centre is the perfect place to play tennis in Edinburgh. Offering year-round, all weather play (which is ideal for the British Summer), our high-quality courts are open to players of all levels. Book a court and play now, or check out our tennis programme and classes to build your skills, meet new people and have fun.

Fill Your Summer With Sport - Basketball

Play Basketball at Oriam

Are you looking forward to watching some of the world's greatest basketball stars at the Paris Olympics Games? Get in on the action ahead of the games and shoot some hoops at Oriam. Our basketball courts are amongst the best in Scotland offering the perfect place to play and practice with your friends and family. It couldn't be easier to book a court at Oriam. Simply book via our app, online or at Oriam Reception to secure your court space and play.

Pay As You Play Badminton

Play Badminton at Oriam

Badminton is a great way to stay fit and active and is a perfect sport for building your racquet skills. Whether you're a seasoned player or looking to play for the first time, badminton offers great fun and can be played at a range of speeds based on your experience. Whether you're looking to get some time on court ahead of the Olympic Games or spend some time with friends or family, badminton is a great way to connect and have fun. Book a court today and fill your summer with sport at Oriam.


Play Pickleball at Oriam

Did you know that you can play one of the world's fastest growing sports here at Oriam? Pickleball combines some of our favourite parts of tennis, badminton and table tennis into one fun and action-packed game. It's a great way to stay active and have fun with friends and family and offers a great introduction to racquet sports for players of all ages. Book a court at Oriam today and find out what all the fuss is about.

Fill your summer with sport - Football

Play Football at Oriam

Oriam is home to some of the best football pitches in the country with both indoor and outdoor synthetic pitches available on-site. All of our pitches are built to a FIFA 2 star standard offering a range of activities including 5-a-side, 7-a-side and full 11-a-side matches. We are also pleased to offer futsal in our sports halls for smaller-sided fast paced games.

Fill Your Summer With Sport - Squash

Play Squash at Oriam

Sadly Squash won't be featuring at the Paris Olympic Games, however, it has been added for Los Angles in 2028, meaning there's plenty of time for you to practice. Whether you have Olympic aspirations or want to give a new sport a try, this fast paced exhilarating game is great for fitness and working up a sweat. We have a thriving squash community here at Oriam, and are proud to be the home of Oriam Squash Club. Book a court today or joining our club and fill your summer with sport at Oriam.

Oriam Clinic - Fill Your Summer With Sport

Discover Oriam Clinic

Oriam Clinic is here to support you and your health and fitness needs. Our experienced professional team of practitioners offer a range of services and support to enable you to be at you best. From physiotherapy and sports massage services to podiatry, injury rehabilitation and hydrotherapy; Oriam Clinic is here to support your sport, health and physical performance to help you achieve your goals. Our team also offer a specific running clinic to support runners of all levels with injury and performance support. 


Kickstart Your Summer of Fitness

Looking to get fit and active this summer? Kickstart your summer of fitness at Oriam and train like an Olympian. An Oriam membership unlocks a range of fitness and health benefits alongside 20% off all pay as you play sports at Oriam (exclud. football and futsal). In addition to this an Oriam membership allows access to our high-quality fitness suites, inclusive group exercise classes and 15% off select Oriam Clinic services. Kickstart your summer of fitness at Oriam.