Minis and Juniors Tennis Classes

Our comprehensive minis and juniors tennis programme offers a range of classes for children of all ages and abilities. 

Kids' Tennis Classes at Oriam

With the launch of our brand new Indoor Tennis Centre, we're delighted to introduce our action-packed kids' tennis classes for children aged 3 and over. Our programme offers a great introduction to tennis, it will develop your child’s skills and even build their potential to be the next Andy Murray or Emma Radacanu. Through our programme, we will support and develop the skills of children at mini, junior and teen level, to help them grow as players, stay active and most importantly have fun. 

Explore Our Range of Tennis Classes

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Oriam Mini Tennis Programme

At Oriam Indoor Tennis Centre, we use the nationally recognised LTA Youth/Mini Tennis model which is a great introduction to the sport for young children aged between 3 and 10 years old. It’s just like the real thing, but with smaller courts, nets and rackets and lower-bouncing balls. In addition to our Pre-School Tots Blue’ sessions, there are three levels of Mini Tennis; Red, Orange and Green, each with their own court size, type of ball and lesson structure. This tailored approach, based on age and physical maturity enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age whilst moving up the colour levels developing their confidence and skill set.

  • Mini Blue: Children Aged 3 - 5
  • Mini Red: Children Aged 5 - 8
  • Mini Orange: Children Aged 8 - 9

Junior Tennis Programme - kids Tennis Classes

Oriam Junior Tennis Programme

Once the players have worked through the mini tennis levels (Pre-school Blue through to Mini Green), its time to time to find your game as we make the jump from mini tennis into the Junior age groups. We break this down into Bronze, Silver and Gold with ability levels 1 & 2 based on age and competence. The Junior Tennis Programme typically caters for ages P6 through to S6 and is played on a full size court with normal yellow tennis balls. We pledge to offer a varied and progressive programme that will keep juniors and teenagers engaged and in love with the sport for life whilst developing solid foundations and a love for competition!

  • Green Ball: Children Aged 9 - 11
  • Bronze Squad: Juniors Primary 7 - Secondary 1 
  • Silver Squad: Juniors Secondary 1 - Secondary 3 
  • Gold Squad: Juniors Secondary 2 - Secondary 6 

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Oriam Indoor Tennis Centre

This purpose built facility was started in September 2022, funded by Oriam, the LTA, sportscotland, and Tennis Scotland through the Transforming Scottish Indoor Tennis (TSIT) fund. 

This new facility will provide a much needed indoor option for tennis within the central belt of Scotland and creates an exciting opportunity for a community hub. 

  • 6 State of the Art Indoor Courts
  • Extensive Minis and Juniors Tennis Program
  • Adult Tennis Classes