At Oriam we have a thriving walking sports community, with regular training sessions for both walking football and walking netball!

One of the regular walking football members has created a poem about the group and wanted to share it with everyone. The group are passing the time in good spirits whilst they wait for their sessions to restart. 

Walking Football Team 2018

Walking Fitba by Thomson (Thomo) Bruce

Every week we gather in Oriam to play
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.30 midday
Walking Football , a part of the beautiful game
We have all ages, but we are all the same
To kick a ba’ again is something special
Our aim not to burst a blooming blood vessel

Three touches o’ the ba’ is all yer allowed
Otherwise yer goal could be disallowed
And woe betide ye if ye run
Cos Ewan will be waiting with a smoking gun
Dwell on the ball and it could be fatal 
Big Bruce will get ye, he’s a wee bit unstable  (only kidding Bruce)

I must mention Jimmy Dyce, aff the park he’s quite nice
But make a mistake and you pay the price
Jimmy’s mistakes are awfy rare
But you make wan then its the death stare 
Willie Lumsden on the ball pirouetting all game
And his pal Dougie, they are just the same
Davie Walkinshaw striker supreme, quite fast
But dinnae ask him fur a pass

So many players too many to mention
Most of them are drawing their pension
If there’s no mention don’t take offence
You are all valued players of influence

So 12 weeks we have to wait for another game
It’s this coronavirus we have to blame
God knows what our fitness will be like
Have to get on those exercise bikes
Meanwhile 12 weeks of Whatsapp to entertain
Canne wait tae get back tae the Fitba again

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