Tennis Tuesdays


Session Length – 90 mins

Tennis Tuesdays Edinburgh

Tennis Tuesdays is a social tennis based class held each Tuesday at Oriam Indoor Tennis Centre and is open to adults of all ages to come along and play tennis in a relaxed social environment. Based on an initiative run by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Nike, it aims to help inspire people to pick up a racquet and get active on court. Tennis Tuesdays is all about having fun and playing tennis with other people form the local community in a relaxed social atmosphere. The aim of this class is to keep active and have fun.

Our Tennis Tuesday sessions are focussed primarily on playing tennis at a speed and pace that works for you. Alongside casual match play our experienced and knowledgeable coaches are on hand to provide tips, advice and activities across a variety of different themes from learning to rally consistently to working with a friend on doubles tactics. Tennis Tuesdays is a great way to stay active, meet new people and play tennis in our brand new Indoor Tennis Centre.

Tennis Tuesdays is available for adults of all ages and can be easily booked via our app. Simply log in, book your spot and play.

Tennis Tuesdays – Programme Overview

Our Tennis Tuesday sessions offer a fun and social environment to play tennis with other people from the local community. This class is a great way to develop your tennis skills in a relaxed social environment with support from our experienced tennis coaches.  This class is perfect for building your tennis and focusses on keeping active and having fun. Throughout these sessions, our experienced tennis coaches will cover a variety of tennis themes and skills from learning to rally consistently to working with a friend on playing doubles. Tennis Tuesdays is all about picking up a racquet, staying active and having fun. Our Tennis Tuesday sessions are held in our Indoor Tennis Centre at Oriam Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre located on Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Campus near Currie offering a safe and welcoming to play tennis in Edinburgh. With six high quality indoor tennis courts on offer, Oriam Indoor Tennis Centre offers a fantastic all weather, year-round, environment for playing Tennis in Scotland, and is located in travelling distance of Livingston, West Lothian and Fife.

Tennis Tuesdays Session – How to Book

Our Tennis Tuesday sessions can be booked via our app. Download our app today and get active with our Tennis Tuesday Sessions classes.



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10.00 - 11.30

Tennis Tuesday


Court 1 & 2