Want to get a head-start on your tennis technique before we open in September? Danny, Our Tennis Manager has some top tips to help you perfect your play.

Have you ever noticed that when watching the professionals at Wimbledon they always seem to have time to reach the ball on court? The Reason?

Ready Position & Split-Step!

Female tennis player facing camera on synthetic indoor court. Demonstrating Ready Position.

The Ready Position:

The Ready position is an athletic stance, with your feet shoulder-width or more apart, knees slightly bent, and body weight on the balls of your feet!

This will lower your centre of gravity and allow you to react explosively in any direction that the ball takes you!

The upper body is loose, with your hands holding the racquet out in front of your body. The racquet head is held slightly up, with the shoulders in line over the hips.

The head is level and the eyes are focusing on the ball or the opponent!

Male Tennis Player on outdoor synthetic court. Player in profile facing the right. Demonstrating the 'Top of the Hop' element of the split -tep.

The Split-step:

From the ready position comes a footwork pattern known as the ‘Split-Step’

Whenever your opponent hits their shot, you should try to be balanced and ready to move off in any direction and using a split-step will help you to do that.

Have your feet around one and a half to two should widths apart.

As your opponent is just about to make contact with the ball, jump up from the tennis court a few centimetres.

When you’re in mid air at the ‘top of the hop’ you should be able to judge where the ball is headed, so on landing you’ll know exactly which direction to push off to, left or right!

Make sure you have the weight of your body on the balls of your feet, not on the heels!

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