We wanted to provide a brief update on the status of the sports centre building within Oriam following the recent flood damage. On Monday 24th June there were flash floods across the city and Oriam was victim to approximately 3 months’ worth of rain within a 2 hour period. This unfortunately had a significant impact on the sports centre facility.

The ground floor of this entire building was submerged in over a foot of water. The Oriam staff did put in a huge amount of effort and managed to divert the water out of the facility as quickly as possible and minimise the damage to the floors. Unfortunately our large studio, all squash courts and sports hall within this building all have Junker wooden floors.

The water damage to the wood was significant and as a result we were forced to close these facilities until a full damage evaluation could be conducted. Furthermore the free weights area within this building suffered severe flooding and all equipment in this area was damaged beyond repair.

Following the flooding we have had a full damage evaluation report done within this facility. This report concluded that all wooden floors within the sports centre needed ripped up and replaced and the free weights area needed cleared and some equipment replaced.

We hope that you can understand that this is a significant amount of work that Oriam did not anticipate and unfortunately coincided with the refurbishment of our main public gym. Something we certainly would have avoided had we had the choice.

We can now give an estimated timeline of repair works within the sports centre:

Corridor flooring (G & H Flooring on site Wednesday 8th August to agree programme of works & dates)

Sports hall flooring (work commencing on 19th August)

Squash court flooring (work commencing on 19th August)

Studio 1 flooring (work commencing on 19th August)

Free weights area (estimated work commencing late September for flooring)

We very much appreciate the impact the damage to this facility is having on members. Over the next 7 days, during the main gym refurbishment, we are limited to a small alternative gym space within the first level of the sports centre.

We are continuing to run a group exercise programme out of studio 2, and we continue to offer casual 1 hour sports facilities for basketball, badminton, table tennis and futsal as part of your membership.

We are extremely excited about the opening of the newly refurbished gym and we will be communicating regularly about this via our social media channels and on our website.

If any member would like to speak to a member of Oriam management regarding the facility damage or the current offering please do email hello@oriam.hw.ac.uk