Find out more about upcoming improvements to our customer systems and processes

New Online Payment system

From the 30th December, we will be switching to a new system for online payments. The new system is fully adapted for tablet and mobile devices, with a clean and simple layout for ease of use. If you make regular payments online or on our Oriam App, you will now have the option to save your payment details to speed up the process!

The new system has been thoroughly tested however, if you have any difficulties with making an online payment please contact reception on 0131 451 8400 or email

New cancellation & no-show process

From the 4th January we will be implementing a new cancellation and no-show process for our group exercise classes. We have been tracking attendance for our classes and noticed a significant number of late cancellations or no-show members. This has an impact on overall access to classes for everyone, so we are introducing new cancellation and waitlist processes. This should increase overall availability for our members. The late-cancellation and no-show policy has now been included in our current Terms & Conditions (section 9.4)

How to cancel a class or activity

Members will now receive an email reminder the day before a pre-booked class. You can also add your bookings to your personal calendar, direct from our Oriam App. If you can no longer attend a class, please cancel your space at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time, so another member can enjoy the class instead.
You can easily cancel your booking on our Oriam App, Online Members Area or call reception on 0131 451 8400.
Here’s a quick guide video for how to book and cancel your classes on the Oriam App.

Try our Oriam App to manage all of your Oriam bookings. You can find available classes to book in ‘Your classes’ and add a reminder to your calendar straight from the app. There are two easy ways to cancel a booking too. You can either find & select your booked class in ‘Your Classes’ then just press cancel. Alternatively, you can find all of your upcoming activity bookings in ‘Your Bookings’. Select the booking you wish to cancel and press cancel.

Waiting Lists

If a class is full, members can place their name on the waiting list. The list no longer has a priority order, if a space becomes available, all members on the waiting list are sent an invite to join the class and the place is then filled on a first come, first serve basis. This process is now automated so waiting members can be notified as soon as a space becomes available. These changes should improve the movement of class waiting lists.

If a class regularly has a waiting list, the fitness team will now have more accurate reports to assess the class timetable and make additions or changes to help meet member demand.

Late Cancellation & No-show Policy

The last part to the new process is our late-cancellation and no-show policy. From the 4th January, we will also implement a 3-step no-show and late-cancellation policy to encourage responsible bookings & cancellations.

A late-cancellation is a cancellation made less than 2 hours before the scheduled start-time of the class. A no-show is termed as no cancellation notice and no attendance, for a pre-booked class.

  1. First no-show or late-cancellation – Recorded on Member Profile
  2. Second no-show or late-cancellation (in a 60 day period) – Recorded on Member Profile, email reminder sent, next late-cancellation or no-show will result in a £3 charge and temporary reduced access.
  3. Third no-show or late-cancellation (in a 60 day period) – Final email notice sent and £3 charge applied to account, bookings access temporarily blocked. Once £3 charge is paid, account is reactivated and no-show record is reset to 0.
    All no-show charges will go towards maintaining and improving Oriam facilities and services for the future.