Monday 7th February 2022

Due to a significant update for our bookings and memberships system, there will be reduced service at Oriam on Monday 7th February. This update will be beneficial for our bookings and memberships for the future, however it does require a full system shutdown for 24 hours.

Whilst the system is shutdown, we will be unable to process any payments or make any changes to bookings and memberships. We have made provisions to enable us to run most services for the duration of the system shutdown so you can still enjoy your favourite Oriam activities.


Facilities will be open to Members and pre-paid team bookings only, there will be no guest passes or pay-as-you-go bookings available for the day. The Bistro Tuk-tuk will be closed for the day. We plan to offer self-service tea, coffee and water at reception instead.


The gym and casual sport (except casual Football) will be run on a walk-in basis for members only. We will not be taking any pre-bookings for the gym or casual sport for the day. Attendance and area capacities will be monitored by Oriam staff throughout the day.  If you plan to visit the gym or play casual sport on Monday 7th February, you will be asked to present a valid member ID card before starting a session.
Group Exercise Classes, Kids Classes & Walking Football will all be open to pre-book until the evening of Sunday 6th Feb. Attendance registers will still be taken on the day.
If you have a regular pitch or sports hall booking for Monday 7th Feb and you normally ‘pay on the day’, we ask all payments to be made before 8pm on Sunday 6th ahead of your Monday booking.
Online pre-booking for classes and activities scheduled for the 8th– 14th Feb will be temporarily unavailable on the 7th.


All Fitness, Group Exercise and Casual Sports on Monday 7th Feb will be limited to Members Only and members must show a membership card before starting an activity.
We will be unable to process any changes to member profiles on the 7th, we will resume processing any membership changes from the 8th February.

If you have any questions about activities and services on 7th February, please contact or talk to one of our members of staff the next time you visit.