We asked our team their top 5 perks of summer gym sessions at Oriam

When the sun is shining and everyone is in holiday mode, finding motivation to swap the garden barbeque or beer garden for the gym can be a struggle, but there are some great perks to summer training at Oriam!

Here’s our teams’ top five summer gym perks.

1. Spread Out

Summer is a popular time for holidays and outdoor activities so our gym and classes are a little quieter during the summer months. This is a great time to start training at the gym; especially if you are self-conscious, shy or you just like that extra space to workout! The popular equipment is easier to access too. Make a confident start with our Fitness team on hand in the gym every day.

Some of our Fitness team and Operations team with the new cable machine!

2. Stay Cool

Lets be realistic, we all know Scottish summer weather can be unpredictable: from scorching sunshine to torrential rain (and that was just this morning!) Our gym is perfectly air-conditioned at all times. A consistent, reliable training environment no matter what the weather is throwing at us outside!

Circuits class in our state-of-the-art Fitness suite.

3. Family Time

Friends and family who train together, stick together!

Summer can be a busy time for everyone. Why not stay connected and get fit all at the same time! Bring your family and friends with you. We have summer camps and inflatable fun sessions throughout the holidays for the kids. Bring a buddy to training with a guest pass, or get the whole gang together for a kick-about on one of our 5-a-side pitches. Did you also know kids over 10 years old are welcome to join the gym too? You can book most of our activities on our Oriam App.

4. Kick-start your pre-season

Got a big race, competition or tournament starting soon or just recovering from last season? Now is a great time to work on your personal goals: assess, stretch and strengthen so you are ready for the next challenge! We have a great team of fitness trainers to support you every step of the way. Check out our Personal Training Summer offer too!

Personal training is a great way to help you reset your goals, build confidence and refine your skills in the gym.

5. Try Something New

If you’re already training regularly, now is a great time to shake things up and try something new whilst the gym is a little quieter. Try a new routine or training style, learn a new technique or explore one of the other activities Oriam has to offer. We have a whole range of group exercise classes for you to try now and more classes are coming soon!
We also have a variety of casual sport sessions available. Badminton, basketball, squash and table tennis are all included in our Oriam membership. You can book any of our activities on our Oriam App.

PT Stewie and our Members, taking circuits outside in the sun to mix things up.