Isokinetic Testing

Our Isokinetic Testing services will assess key muscle groups to identify the source of pain and injury.

Isokinetic Testing

What is Isokinetic Testing?

Isokinetic testing allows your physiotherapist to accurately assess muscle strength in specific muscle groups in order to identify if there is a deficiency in strength that may be causing injury/pain or may lead to a higher risk of injury in future.  Oriam Clinic uses the Biodex Isokinetic System and this equipment/software allows detailed analysis of muscle function at a range of speeds and is an excellent method for assessing range of motion and muscle strength.

Isokinetic Testing - Weight Machine

What Conditions Can Isokinetic Testing Support?

The isokinetic testing service can be very useful in those returning to their sport following an injury such as an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuryAchilles tendon injury or rotator cuff injury

It is an excellent assessment tool in those recovering from surgery for these conditions or having suffering an in these areas. 

It can be very useful in identifying deficiencies in hamstring strength for those who may have trouble with persistent hamstring strains, a very frustrating problems for sufferers. It can also be used as a continuous passive movement (CPM) tool for conditions such as a frozen shoulder, to facilitate movement following total knee replacement and also following ankle ligament sprains or ankle surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Isokinetic Rehabilitation?

Benefits include accurate feedback on how the specific muscle is functioning including the muscle capacity to produce force and how it copes with having to contract at different speeds.  It is great at isolating individual groups which reduces the likelihood for compensatory movements to impinge on the specific muscle function we are trying to assess. As a passive movement tool, it is easy to use for the patient and provides excellent detail on range of movement a joint needs to be moved through

How Can Isokinetic Testing Help Me?

The isokinetic system can be used as both a rehabilitative tool and an assessment tool.  Both methods can be very important in returning your muscles/tendons to pre injury functional levels and can really help to identify any risk of reinjury or reasons as to why injuries are recurring.  Isokinetic testing forms an important part of the “return to play” testing package offered at Oriam Clinic.

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What Treatments Are Available?

  • Isokinetic testing protocols for various joints in the body such as the knee, ankle and shoulder. 
  • Isokinetic testing protocols as part of the return to sport testing programme. 
  • Continuous Passive Motion rehabilitation which is useful following surgery or for frozen shoulder. 
  • Isokinetic Rehabilitation sessions where we utilise the isokinetic system as a strength training tool. 

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