Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week

What is Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week?

Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week is a Scottish Government initiative to celebrate inclusion, whilst continuing to promote the visibility and participation of women and girls in sport and physical activity. This seeks to highlight the many physical, mental and social benefits that getting active can bring, and engaging women and girls across Scotland in sport. Wherever you're from, whatever your age or background, finding the activity or sport that's right for you will help boost your physical and mental health as well as helping build friendships. Ahead of the launch of Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, Scottish International, Leanne Crichton spoke with Active Scotland about how you can get involved with sport and get active in Scotland. 

How Have Our Partners and Others Been Getting Involved? 

Our partners and sport organisations are getting involved with Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week through celebrating and supporting inclusion in sport across Scotland. From highlighting female athletes and programmes to introducing exciting new initiatives for women and girls to get active, there are plenty of ways to get involved and join our biggest nationwide line up ever. There is only 1 rule - as long as you're active, you're in! 

Scottish Squash

As part of Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week, Scottish Squash have unveiled a new H//T Squash Award to help support women to deliver their popular programme at Squash clubs across Scotland. This programme offers a fantastic opportunity to female beginner squash player to be welcomed on court, be active, and learn a new skill in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Through this, Scottish Squash are looking to increase accessibility and inclusion in squash across Scotland with greater participation in this fun fast-paced sport. 

Scottish Women and Girls in sport Week - H//t Squash

Netball Scotland

Netball Scotland are celebrating and increasing inclusion this week through building engagement and skills for children in schools across Scotland. This not only helps promote an active and healthy lifestyle whilst having fun, but increases the number of women and girls playing the sport in Scotland. To help support this, Netball Scotland have released a new Netball Pack to help kids across the country to build their skills and have fun. 

Tennis Scotland

Tennis Scotland are getting involved with Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week through highlighting and celebrating inclusion as they shine a spotlight on some women and girls making a difference in tennis. The LTA have teamed up with Prime Video to launch a new girls-only programme to inspire the next generation of female British tennis players. This programme has been designed to motivate and inspire girls and young women to play and stay in tennis. The programme has already seen success in Scotland, with coaches across the country helping to get more girls on court and engage with tennis. With our own six court indoor tennis centre set to open its doors later this year, Oriam will have a new and inclusive space for women and girls to get involved in the sport. 

How Can Women and Girls Get Involved in Sport at Oriam

There are a range of fantastic classes and sports activities for women and girls to get involved and active at Oriam. Whether you enjoy working out, or playing sport, we have something for everyone.

Women's Squash Session

We have a free women's squash session each Wednesday evening perfect for players of all ages and abilities. Delivered by our Head Squash Coach, and Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Donna Lobban, this offers a fun and social environment to learn how to play squash and build your skills. 

Walking Netball

Our walking netball sessions are perfect for women looking to keep fit and active in a warm, welcoming and social environment. This offers a great way to play netball with women from the local community and share your love of the sport. Whether you've played netball in the past or are looking to get started for the first time, our walking netball sessions are perfect for players of all levels.  

Scottish women and girls in sport week - walking netball

Gym and Fitness Induction

If you're looking to get started in the gym for the first time or build your confidence, our fitness team offers free gym inductions as part of your Oriam Membership. This offers a great opportunity to get to grips with the range of equipment within our fitness suites and meet our friendly and knowledgeable fitness team. In addition to this, our performance team often offer a learn to lift sessions for women throughout the year to help you gain new skills and build your technique. 

Scottish Women and Girls in Sport Week - Fitness Inductions

Minis and Junior Classes

For girls we have an expansive range of minis and junior sports and activities classes which offer a perfect introduction to sport. Available for children of all ages and abilities, our classes offer a fantastic introduction to sport. With multi-sports, mini racquets, tennis and squash on offer, there's something for every interest. 

minis and junior tennis - Scottish women and girls in sport week.

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