Why You Should See A Chiropodist

Foot health is key to our general wellbeing and can have a big impact on our day to day life. Sore or aching feet are typically passed off for poor-fitting shoes or standing for long hours but underlying issues may contribute to this. Our feet take a pounding carrying us from one activity to the next throughout the day. Whether you're getting your steps in or carrying out general activities, it is incredibly important to keep your feet happy and healthy. 

Most people only start to take notice of foot pain after a period of time before searching for a solution. Whether you're wondering "why you should see a chiropodist?" or "how can chiropody help me?" we hope to provide you with some of the answers in this article before you book to see a chiropodist

What is a Chiropodist?

A Chiropodist is a medical professional who specialises in the study, diagnosis and treatment of the foot and ankle. They cover a wide range of ailments and conditions of the feet ranging from skin and toenail issues to more severe or complex conditions. Chiropodists are skilled and highly trained to provide a range of services and treatments including corn and callus removal, verrucae treatment, nail surgery and diabetes treatment.

What is a chiropodist

What is the Difference Between  Chiropody and Podiatry? 

There is no distinct difference between chiropody and podiatry. Chiropodists and podiatrists are both highly-trained medical professionals who specialise in foot care and treatment. The terms are fairly inter-changeable, with chiropody and chiropodists being the more commonly used term in the United Kingdom; and podiatry and podiatrists being utilised more internationally. In some cases chiropodists will have a greater focus on skin and nail conditions of the foot, so be sure to check the services they offer before booking an appointment. 

5 Reasons Why You Should See A Chiropodist

Chiropodists can help and support you with a variety of ailments and conditions that can impact your feet. We've complied the list below of some of the most common reasons that someone might visit a chiropodist for treatment. 

Your Toenails are Thick, Discoloured or Painful

Why You Should See A Chiropodist - Painful Toe Nails

Did you know having thick or discoloured toenails can be a sign of fungal infection? Fungal nail infections are very common, with up to 14% of the population being affected by the condition. Many people will carry on living with this condition untreated, however, leaving this unattended may cause future issues including pain or broken nails. Fungal infections can be easily identified and treated by a chiropodist with appropriate medications being provided. 

Ingrown toenails is another condition which can be cause foot pain and affect your daily life. They are not only painful but carry a risk of infection which may lead to further issues if left untreated. Chiropodists are able to treat ingrown toenails through a variety of procedures including, treating, cutting, and filing your nails to conservatively manage the condition. In some cases, chiropodists can provide surgical procedures to deal with the issue at its root. 

For any conditions affecting your nails a chiropodist will be able to assess your foot and toenails and provide guidance on the best treatment options for your individual needs and goals. 

You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can have an impact on foot health and the lower limbs bringing an increased risk of developing problems. A common issue that can be linked to diabetes is neuropathy which is the loss of sensation in the foot alongside poor circulation. This can often contribute to more serious conditions which can be life limiting and require surgery. 

If you have diabetes you can benefit from chiropody in a number of ways. Chiropodists specialise in feet and have a strong understanding of the effects that diabetes can have on your body and feet. They can provide education and support in good foot health, alongside advice on footwear, padding and shoe inserts. Further to this, chiropodists can provide a range of foot treatments and support for skin and nail care. 

You Can't Reach or Feel Your Feet

Why You Should See A Chiropodist

If you can't feel or reach your feet or legs, a chiropodist is able to help support you with your skin or toenail care. They are able to check your foot health and and look for areas of dry skin or signs of infection that you may not feel or be aware of. This can also be beneficial should you be unable to reach your feet due to mobility or hand dexterity issues. 

You Have Corns or Calluses

Corns and calluses can form due to repeated pressure or friction. This can be due to a variety of different reasons from weight bearing when walking through to poor-fitting footwear. A chiropodist can a help treat and address build-up through the treatment of soft tissues and provide advise on the most appropriate and comfortable footwear. They may also recommend custom orthotics or inserts, depending on the cause of the issue, to relieve pressure points and accommodate stiff joints. 

You Have Warts

Why You Should See A Chiropodist - Wart Treatment

Warts on your feet, known as plantar warts, are a fairly common condition affecting up to 10% of the population. The may cause foot pain causing you to adapt how you stand, walk or run to avoid further pain. This can cause further issue as changes to your natural posture can effect your muscles and joints. A chiropodist is able to identify and diagnose warts whilst advising treatment options. There are a range of treatments available for this, however, it is best to address the issue as soon as possible to avoid further potential issues.

If you feel that you could benefit from chiropody support or have any questions about foot health and care, find out more and get in touch with our clinic team today!

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