Trying to make time for your own health and wellbeing but struggling to find the time in your day? You might be surprised at what you can fit in to your lunchbreak. Ditch the ‘working lunch’, take a break from your screens, escape from your desk and get moving! Lunchbreak activities can be a great option to help you balance work, studies and your own health & fitness.

Lunchbreak Fitness Classes

Gyms and Fitness classes are often less busy during the day, so you can enjoy easier access to all of the equipment and classes. We have a range of great classes available between 12 – 1pm; choose from Body Combat, Yoga, Zumba, Cycle Fit, Body Pump and Pilates on our current timetable. Our classes are open to all abilities and taught by experienced instructors. All essential equipment is provided so all you need to pack your workout clothes and a water bottle!
Members enjoy free access to all of our classes, including all of our new Les Mills classes! You can book your classes today on our Oriam App.

Circuits class in Oriam Fitness Suite. Two gym members doing kettle bell swings.

Bite-sized Workouts

Classes not your thing? Visit our fitness suite and try a workout instead. Step away from your work or studies, put on your favourite tunes and get the heart pumping. A short workout can be a great way to help you stay focussed and refreshed for the afternoon.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to benefit from a workout. Short but regular sessions are a game-changer, as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day can help support your mental and physical wellbeing.
Check out the My Wellness App which pairs with all our Technogym equipment and has a whole range of workouts ready to go. Alternatively, you can talk to our Fitness team who can help you create a workout plan to suit your goals, ability and time constraints. Our Members can enjoy a complimentary induction and free access to our My Wellness App to help get started in the gym. If you really want to take things up a notch, try a pack of Personal Training sessions to help develop your technique, confidence and reach your fitness goals.

Example image of Technogym My Wellness App. mock-up of app on iphone screen.
Oriam Member using the Treadmill in the Fitness Suite. Personal Trainer advising.

Racquets at the ready

Had a really stressful morning? Redirect that energy in a quick game of squash or basketball to help clear your head, ready for whatever’s next! Get your friends involved and try a new sport together; just have a laugh or have a little friendly competition!

Book one of our court sports on our Oriam App today. Bookings are open seven days in advance with free bookings and access for Oriam Members. Non-members guests are also welcome, guest passes are available to purchase at reception. Equipment is also available to hire at reception for just £1 per item, so all you need to pack are your sports clothes and a water bottle.

Two Oriam members playing badminton in Sports Hall One.

Take a Walk

As daylight gets shorter and the daily commute gets darker, it can be really refreshing to get out and about at lunchtime. Top up your essential vitamin D, get some fresh air and get moving all at once. We have a beautiful campus with some great walking routes. Why not stop by our catering Tuk-tuk at our Reception to grab a hot drink or a bite to eat on your route?
Check out the Heriot-Watt University Campus Trails to help you get started.

Oriam Staff at Catering Tuk-tuk, making coffee and smiling at customer. Customer in black clothing with back to camera.


If you would like to try out an activity at Oriam, you can request a trial pass to help get you started. You can also purchase memberships, check availability and book activities all on our Oriam App too.